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We make our customers' lives simpler and more straightforward

Since the early 2000s, DNA has grown from a small mobile challenger into a major telecommunications Group. In accordance with our values, we are fast, bold and straightforward in all our actions. Our mission is to provide products and services that make our consumer and corporate customers’ lives easier. Our strengths support the creation of an excellent customer experience: modern network infrastructure, motivated and customer-oriented personnel, advanced data analytics, as well as our culture as a challenger, which is reflected in cost-effectiveness and agility.

This page is a summary of DNA’s year 2018. You can download the annual report in PDF format from the top bar or at the bottom of this page.

CEO’s review

2018 was an excellent year for DNA across the board. Our net sales, operating result and operative free cash flow improved significantly year-on-year, reaching record levels for the second consecutive year. Our customers were increasingly satisfied with our operations. DNA was awarded the Great Place to Work® certificate for the second consecutive year and was chosen the best workplace in Finland in the category of large organisations.

Excellent development of financial key figures in 2018

Most satisfied customers

DNA’s strategic objectives:

Year 2018 was an excellent year in terms of our strategy implementation:


  • Relationship NPS, or rNPS, which measures overall relationship to a business, developed favourably in 2018, in both Consumer and Corporate Business. DNA Store received a record-high score.
  • We continued to prepare our mobile network for 5G systematically. To accommodate for the growing data traffic and ensure high quality of service, DNA will launch 5G services during 2019.
  • Despite intense competition, we managed to decrease subscription turnover rate (CHURN). This was due to high customer satisfaction and our ability to react quickly to competitors’ campaigns.
  • Data and analytic capabilities were leveraged in new ways to support customer service. Robotics and automation were also used to help customer service personnel in their work.


  • DNA was chosen the best workplace in Finland in the category of large organisations by the Great Place to Work institute in February 2019. Survey was conducted in 2018.
  • In March 2018, DNA became the first publicly listed company and the first large company to be recognised as a Family-Friendly Workplace by the Family Federation of Finland.
  • We steered out management culture towards leadership by coaching, which was chosen as the main theme for DNA’s supervisor development in 2018. Continuous interaction between the supervisor and the employee is a key element of leadership by coaching.
  • In December, the Board of Directors of DNA decided on the establishment of a matching share plan for DNA employees. The purpose of the plan is to steer the activities of personnel towards the attainment of strategic objectives, as well as to improve the long-term commitment of personnel and offer incentives in the form of potential increase in share value.


  • DNA’s net sales and profitability were at the highest level in the history of DNA in 2018.
  • DNA’s operative free cash flow grew 7.3% in 2018 and was EUR 149 million.
  • The growth of DNA’s mobile communication subscription base and favourable development of revenue per user (ARPU) increased mobile communications revenue.
  • DNA’s profitability improved; EBITDA increased 4.4% and was EUR 283.6 million.
  • DNA’s share of the fixed broadband market reached 28%, making DNA the second-largest fixed broadband service provider in Finland.

Life in Finland is increasingly digital

Megatrends steer the development of the telecommunications industry:

1. The growing demand for faster high-quality connections is set to continue. The use of mobile data will also keep growing, boosted by the growing number and variety of smart phones and other smart devices as well as contents.

2. People lead increasingly digital lives and want a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

3. The strong growth of the variety of services, applications and smart devices continues – the best global services will gain an even stronger foothold.

4. Work will become increasingly mobile. Digital workflows, cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT solutions will make businesses increasingly flexible and efficient.

DNA’s customers had the highest mobile data usage per subscription in the world

Mobile data transfer volumes per person in Finland are among the highest in the world. This is due to the low price of mobile data, subscriptions that include unlimited data transfer and the extremely high quality of connections in Finland. According to the report released by research company Tefficient in 2018, DNA’s customers had the highest mobile data usage per subscription in the world.

DNA and SOS Children's Villages promote digital inclusion of children and young people

During DNA’s Auttava puhelin (“helping phone”) campaign, DNA invited the public to donate their old phones to help prevent digital inequality among children and young people. The response was overwhelming: approximately 7,200 phones were brought to DNA Stores for recycling. In return for each phone, DNA donated 10 euros to SOS Children’s Villages for the purpose of purchasing devices and subscriptions. In total, the charity campaign raised EUR 72,000.

DNA’s highlights in 2018

DNA’s net sales and profitability reached record levels in 2018.

DNA won the 5G frequency band it pursued in the frequency auction and at the end of December, we deployed our first 5G base stations in Helsinki city centre.

During the summer, DNA increased its share of the fixed broadband market to 28%, becoming the second-largest fixed broadband service provider in Finland.

DNA’s Valokuitu Plus (DNA Fibre Optic Plus) network was expanded to the cities of Jyväskylä, Vaasa and Seinäjoki in 2018. More than 620,000 households have been connected to DNA’s fibre optic network.

DNA’s subscriptions in the mobile and fixed-network exceeded 4 million in the third quarter.

DNA introduced the new DNA Connectivity IoT service to open global IoT ecosystem opportunities for Finnish companies.


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