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Stronger, bolder and more straight­forward DNA

DNA is one of the leading operators in the Finnish telecommunications market. Our values guide our operations: we are fast, straightforward and bold. We want to surprise with new services, listen to our customers, offer genuine service and focus on the essential. Our vision and mission are to have the most satisfied customers. We want to make their lives more inspiring, productive and entertaining. To this end, we provide connections, services and devices in a clear, easy and cost-effective manner.

CEO’s review

2016 was a strong year for DNA, in terms of financial development, customer base growth and customer satisfaction. Our net sales developed well, increasing by 3.6% to EUR 858.9 million. Service revenue was boosted in particular by the growth of mobile subscription base by 121,000 subscriptions and the growing share of 4G subscriptions in our subscription base, which had a positive effect on mobile billing and also boosted mobile device sales to record levels.

Our financial key figures developed well in 2016

Net sales:
EUR 858.9 million,
from 2015
Comparable EBITDA:
EUR 247.1 million,
from 2015
Net result
for the period:
EUR 65.2 million,

Customer satisfaction a key strategic objective

The most
consumer and
corporate customers
one of the most
desired employers
in Finland
financial development
and faster than average
market growth

We made great progress in these areas in 2016:

Customer satisfaction developed well – Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures customer satisfaction, improved year-on-year.

DNA’s employee satisfaction and motivation are higher again. The Great Place to Work results improved across the board.

Mobile service revenue was boosted by the increased sales of mobile subscriptions as well as favourable mobile billing development.

We also improved our profitability significantly.

We increased our market share in both mobile communications and fixed broadband.

Our brand image improved substantially in both consumer and corporate business.

Mobile data usage grows exponentially

Mobile data traffic in DNA’s networks (GB, thousand)

2010 10 788
2011 19 135
2012 34 575
2013 56 577
2014 103 992
2015 194 853
2016 344 602

Finns are among the biggest mobile data users in the world as Finland topped the global list for the third consecutive year, while DNA’s customers have the highest usage per subscription in the world.* This is due to factors such as affordable price of mobile data in Finland and high-quality connections. 4G traffic volumes in DNA’s networks grew some 120% in 2016. Steady growth in the demand for 4G subscriptions continued, and customers are prepared to pay more for faster data connections.

* Tefficient’s report, 12/2016

Corporate responsibility

As a telecommunications company, DNA plays a significant role in society, providing important communication connections and maintaining critical infrastructure. We are committed to continuous business development, while considering the needs of our environment and stakeholders. In 2016, DNA signed up to the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, in which we undertake to reduce our total emissions by 15% by 2020 from the level reported in 2014.

DNA’s highlights in 2016

  • We became the first operator in Finland to update the theoretical maximum speed of our 4G mobile network to 600 Mbps

    New technologies and good user experience go hand in hand, which is why DNA tests new technologies constantly in its networks. In May 2016, we became the first operator in Finland to update the theoretical maximum speed of our 4G mobile network to 600 Mbps. The new functionalities increase the mobile network’s capacity and speed, further enhancing our customers’ mobile data app user experience.

  • We launched a new-generation fibre optic network

    The DNA Valokuitu Plus (DNA Fibre Optic Plus) network enables broadband speeds of up to a gigabit per second without any changes to the housing company’s internal network. DNA set a new fixed broadband speed record of 3.055 Gbps in the launch event of the DNA Valokuitu Plus network. No other operator in Europe has provided similar speeds in a broadband network accessed by customers under normal conditions.

  • DNA TV subscription base continued to grow

    A DNA TV subscription provides customers with an easy and flexible way to watch television on various devices and to pick just the television services they want. At the end of 2016, DNA TV already had more than 300,000 subscribers.

  • We won the 700 MHz spectrum pursued in the auction

    The 700 MHz spectrum auction organised by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority concluded in November 2016. We won the 2x10 MHz spectrum we pursued in the auction. The new 700 MHz spectrum enables build-up of 4G capacity, particularly in sparsely populated areas.

  • At the end of 2016, our 4G network reached 99.6% of Finns

    Finnish Shared Network Ltd, a joint operation by DNA and Sonera, expanded the 4G network to sparsely populated areas in 2016, in Northern and Eastern Finland in particular. The construction of the shared network started in the spring of 2015 and was completed towards the end of 2016. More comprehensive, high-speed telecommunications connections have been made available for more than 760,000 residents in sparsely populated areas.

  • DNA is now a listed company

    Listing is an important strategic milestone in DNA’s 15-year history as the company develops to an even stronger telecommunications company in the Finnish market. DNA shares were listed on the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki towards the end of 2016. After the listing, we have more than 11,000 shareholders.

Key figures

year 2016
in figures

DNA’s 4G network
of Finns
Smart phones
accounted for
for all phones
Over 82%
of mobile data
was transferred
in the 4G network
at the end of 2016
subscription base
up by
cable TV
subscription base
up by
Mobile communications
subscription base
up by
has more than
DNA’s emissions
from the generation
of purchased energy
reduced by
from 2015